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I give it to all of you suffered from by "2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake" heartily.

I would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to all of you suffered from by this disaster and your family.
In addition, I wish you security of all of you of the disaster area and speedy revival of the stricken area.

January 5, 2024

I held Factorism on Friday, October 27, 28 Saturday. Thank you for your many visits!

In Factorism held in 10/27,28, thank you very much for many visits!
I am glad if you can feel pleasure of work and the manufacturing of the yutani even a little.
I will look forward to your participation again next year as I want to hold it by all means!

A factory photograph of the yutani is displayed at "Kintetsu-Yao Station".

The pride and results in business for 80 years
 The yutani is an automation transport system maker mainly on the Coil line based in Yao-shi, Osaka.
 Around the press Coil line such as a leveller feeder or the tandem blanking line, a leveller Shah line, it continues producing Tucker, various automation transport systems including the electromagnetic steel sheet angle of skew Shah line on the entry facilities of roll forming and the furnace, the sigmoid looper, transfer which are most suitable for the motor core production line, a conveyance robot, a day between the press, and there are the rich experience and results more than it for 50 years.
 I will contribute to the society for the making of better product in future without forgetting the original intention by the longtime trust and results in the origin.

What's New and news


Announcement of Naka Nihon Office establishment

The yutani opened Naka Nihon Office in Kariya-shi, Aichi from April 1, 2022.
Including Tokai, Hokuriku, the Shinetsu district and wide correspondence were enabled.
The order about introduction examination and the repair would appreciate your connecting at the following.
I would like yutani continuously.

Yutani Naka Nihon Office
Ogakiecho, Kariya-shi, Aichi King Nishi place 65


Winning the "Osaka manufacturing excellent company prize 2021" examination committee member special prize!

The yutani won an examination committee member special prize in the "Osaka manufacturing excellent company prize 2021".
As for the prize, an Osaka medium and small-sized business honoring business executive committee becomes the sponsorship, and the superior "manufacturing medium and small-sized business" in the prefecture to boast of "high technology" or "high quality, low cost, a short deadline" to is honored as "Osaka manufacturing excellent company Prize".

Employment information

I released Recruit site

I publish the voice of state of the yutani office and working employees, the details of the adoption. I link to the yutani Recruit special site when I click the following image. Please see it by all means.
To the yutani Recruit site


I am releasing a product video with YouTube channel!

I upload the video of the yutani product in YouTube channel at any time. Please see it by all means!


Digital catalogue



I was published in the cover of the "press technology" June issue

A product of the yutani was published in the cover of the "press technology" June, 2022 issue. As I introduce the details of products in the middle page, please see it by all means.


A new "sigmoid looper" appearance!

A high-grade new model came up in a coil materials feeder "S-shape looper" for the press. Speed of MAX100m/min is realized by improvement of the loop controller control. I have the space-saving design that is most suitable for motor koala in. As the specifications design along the line of the customer is possible, please refer.


Local corporation YUTANI THAILAND.Co.,Ltd sets up the base in Samut Prakan that was next to Bangkok. A national staff plays a key role and produces it and sells an order from Japan including a Southeast Asian local Japanese company and the yutani head office to main. I continue pursuing every possibility every day to offer a high quality product for low price.

Product introduction

The results introduction

■1,230mm fuku Shah line & seat loader line

I cut a color steel sheet, coil materials of the stainless steel with a Shah to set dimensions. The Uncoiler is a specification of up to 5 tons. Mechanism, control to prevent a roll mark are with it. The seat loader can convey 1,250 millimeters in width, the length from 500 millimeters to 8,000 millimeters.

◼️ Uncoiler and leveller feeder 600W, 9t 

Up loop type leveller feeder 600W, 9t 

■Coil storage                          

The coil materials in the storage part are carried to a coil car to delivery, Uncoiler. As I set up plural coils materials beforehand and can put it, I can plan efficiency of the work. I can set the number of storages for an option, and all automatic correspondence is possible, too.

◼️ leveller feeder 500W, 5t space-saving correspondence

500W, 5t high ten materials correspondence. It is a crop Shah microleveller feeder with a feeder. Space-saving correspondence.

◼️ leveller feeder 1300w                           

It is a leveller feeder for 1300w. Automatic loading, otosurettingu, with automatic loading function. With special mechanism for high ten materials.

■D Tucker           

A D stack feeder to install before transfer. I automatically feed the materials which I prepared beforehand with constant pace and supply it automatically.

◼️S character loop line (sigmoid looper) 400w

400w correspondence, a sigmoid looper. It is most suitable for the motor core processing line. Loop control to control the flapping of materials by double Uncoiler, the constitution of the loop controller.

■Double Uncoiler - transfer

Consistency lines from coil materials direct wearing to transfer. Double Uncoiler → Zigzag leveller feeder → Middle conveyance conveyer → Three-dimensional transfer. The yield of materials improved by letting a leveller feeder exercise consecutively from side to side.

■NC roll feeder          

NC roll feeder (with the major roll)

■Leveller feeder      800w,6t

800W, 6t high ten materials correspondence. It is automatic loading, a leveller feeder of otosurettingu.

■Tandem line         

Tandem line
A high ten materials press line for 800w.
It is an automatic line accompanying it by automatic loading, automatic threading, a data bank function.

◼️3 dimension transfer         

The three-dimensional transfer for the press multi-process supplying coil materials.
The conveyance between the press, conveyance in the press have abundant one bar, two bars, two dimensions, three-dimensional results together.
The front hanging conveyance robots and the special specifications are available, too

■Sigmoid looper (coil materials feeder for the press)

It is most suitable for the motor core processing line. A coil materials feeder for the press to follow the high line by a space-saving design. Loop control to control the flapping of materials by double Uncoiler, the constitution of the loop controller.

◼️ leveller feeder 300w         

The leveller feeder of the double Uncoiler type. I link the transfer line.

■Double NC roll feeder

I install it in the upper classes side and the downstream side of the press and am most suitable for the forwarding of seat materials.
I deliver it automatically, and there is few it, and, by control, the seat materials process loss, too.

■Rotary Shah line

Rotary Shah line
A tin plate 1000 rotary Shah line for width. I cut it consecutively without stopping materials. The cutting precision of the Shah, the flat precision of the leveller become very high, too.

Look at the photograph of the SUS1300-adaptive line in the following page.

◼️ double Uncoiler

300w, dual sovereignty-type Uncoiler of one side 500 kg X 2

The results that are wide from one side 300 kg X 2 to one side 10ton X 2 in the dual sovereignty-type Uncoiler.
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