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General maker of the Coil line
By the abundant experience and results, I meet your expectation.
The yutani is founding 80
 The yutani is an automation transport system maker mainly on the Coil line based in Yao-shi, Osaka.
 Around the press Coil line such as a leveller feeder or the tandem blanking line, a leveller Shah line, it continues producing Tucker, various automation transport systems including the electromagnetic steel sheet angle of skew Shah line on the entry facilities of roll forming and the furnace, the sigmoid looper, transfer which are most suitable for the motor core production line, a conveyance robot, a day between the press, and there are the rich experience and results more than it for 50 years.
 I will contribute to the society for the making of better product in future without forgetting the original intention by the longtime trust and results in the origin.


I released Recruit site
I publish the voice of state of the yutani office and working employees, the details of the adoption. I link to the yutani Recruit special site when I have you click the following image. Please see it by all means.


Product introduction

What's New and news

The results introduction

◼️ leveller feeder 1,300mm

It is 1300 leveller feeders for width. otosurettingu, with automatic loading function.

■Sigmoid looper (coil materials feeder for the press)

It is most suitable for the motor core processing line. A coil materials feeder for the press to follow the high line. Loop control to control flapping. It becomes the space-saving design to fit the line.

■Electromagnetic steel sheet angle of skew Shah line CCL100S

■Electromagnetic steel sheet angle of skew Shah line CCL100S (Core Cut Line for transformer 1000width Swing shear type)
The core cutting for the trance of the electromagnetic steel sheet 1000 width, an accumulation line. (Core Cut Line for Transformer)
It is a line to automatically perform from V notch, a perforator, diagonal cutting processing to accumulation.
The diagonal cutting becomes very high in the angle stop precision by original rotary structure.

■Rotary Shah line

Rotary Shah line
A tin plate 1000 rotary Shah line for width. I cut it consecutively without stopping materials. The cutting precision of the Shah, the flat precision of the leveller become very high, too.

Look at the photograph of the SUS1300-adaptive line in the following page.

■Press line

Press line
A high ten materials 800 press line for width.
It is an automatic line accompanying by automatic loading, automatic threading, a data bank function.
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